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Welcome to Scandinavian Electronics

Scandinavian Electronics (SE) is a leading supplier of laboratory quality control, process control and process optimisation equipment for the pulp, paper, board, printing and packaging industries in Australia and New Zealand. SE and its suppliers specialise in and are dedicated to serving these industries. We provide after-sales support through service, calibration, preventative maintenance, installation and customer training in the operation of all the equipment we sell.

We continuously evaluate our business performance, the services we provide and our customers’ perception of those services including service, calibration, preventative maintenance, installation, customer training, sales, after-sales support and customer feedback.

The benefit to our customers is that SE continuously aims to improve its performance across all aspects of its operations.

We are members of the Appita Testing Standards Committee (ATSC) which means we contribute our knowledge and expertise to help shape the content and format of the Australian and New Zealand Standards (“AS/NZS”) for the testing of pulp, paper and board. This membership also entitles us to vote on behalf of Australia and New Zealand on the suitability of proposed new International Standards Organisation (ISO) standards and revisions of existing ISO standards.

“Scandinavian Electronics, delivering Innovative, high-quality and easy-to-use equipment to the pulp, paper, printing and packaging industries. We are committed to supporting your business’ profitability, through delivering technical excellence with our dedicated factory-trained service team over a long term partnership.”

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