Lorentzen & Wettre whose business concept is to provide the world’s paper industry with advanced equipment for quality control and process optimisation from a position as market and quality leader. L&W’s mission is to analyse their customers’ needs and recommend solutions that contribute to their profitability. L&W does this by initiating lasting improvements within quality control and process optimization.


Kajaani Process Measurements’ (KPM) innovative products enable the Customer to successfully manage and control consistency and secure reliable break detection of the paper machine. Our products are famous of being very easy-to-use, offering several features enabling low cost of ownership and maintenance features. Our target is to introduce new revolutionary products to the market continuously, to help customers to improve their processes further.

IGT Testing

IGT Testing Systems specialises in the development, manufacture and marketing of printability testing equipment and tack testing instruments for the worldwide paper industry, printing industry, graphical arts, plastic, paint, ink and coating industry.

Swema AB

SWEMA has a long history of designing and manufacturing high quality fixed and portable instruments and sensors for the measurement and logging of air and surface temperatures, air flow, air velocity, draught measurement, air relative humidity etc.

Satron Instruments Inc.

Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell Inc. specialises in custom and low volume manufacturing in aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel and various alloys. Scandinavian Electronics represents Robert Mitchell’s division which manufactures a Canadian Standard Freeness Tester that conforms to ISO, PAPTAC, and TAPPI methods, and is calibrated by Paprican, the only authorized laboratory.

PTS Paper

The Paper Technology Specialists. PTS is founded on industrial co-operative research. The knowledge generated there is made available to industry in the form of contract research, consultancy, testing services and training.

Emtec Electronic GMBH

Development and production of innovative paper testing systems. The groundbreaking invention of Dipl.-Phys. Giselher Grüner (General Manager, emtec Electronic GmbH) is on a good way to become an international standard measuring method for softness measurements of tissue.

GSE Dispensing

GSE Dispensing is the world leader in gravimetric dispensing solutions for ink, paste and paint logistics. The company is located in the Netherlands, with its subsidiary GSE Dispensing Inc. in Charlotte (NC), U.S.A.

Adirondack Machine Corporation

Satron Instruments

Satron Instruments Inc. develops, plans and manufactures innovative process instruments and smart measurement devices. From our product range you can find tools to measure pressure, differential pressure, turbidity, temperature, density and level.

Sicutek AB

Sicutec acts as a link between mills with surplus equipment and mills that realise the benefits of investing in second-hand equipment. An extensive network around the world enables us to offer first class used equipment to mills wishing to limit their cost for new investments.

QS Fibre Inc. Huygen Corporation